The Tycoons Revenge (Baby for the Billionaire #1)

The Tycoons Revenge (Baby for the Billionaire #1)


Genres: Romance

Status: Full

Updated date: 12:03:27 12/08/2022

Description "The Tycoons Revenge (Baby for the Billionaire #1)"

Chapter One Derek Titan looked around the crowded room and had to force himself not to yawn. He couldn’t stand attending events where everyone drank too much, laughed too loud and tried far too hard to impress each other. Derek knew he was what women considered a real catch. Hell, a stupid magazine had done a write up on Seattle’s most eligible bachelors and placed his picture as number one. He’d been furious and tried to have himself taken out of the article but his attorney had spouted some crap about freedom of speech. Since the article, he was being approached by even more materialistic females. The magazine listed his net worth as equal to Bill Gates. They’d also said he was tall, dark and handsome. He stood over six feet, with broad shoulders and muscles that rippled throughout his entire body. He hated gyms but he ran every morning and sometime in the evenings too. He’d discovered at a young age running was a great form of relieving his stress. He knew the second best way to relieve stress was to take a woman to bed. The minute he was done with her, he walked away, though. There were many women who tried to get him to stay but no one held his interest longer than it took him to button up his pants. After his heart had been shattered by Jasmine,