The Vincent Brothers (The Vincent Boys #2)

The Vincent Brothers (The Vincent Boys #2)


Genres: Young AdultRomance

Status: Full

Updated date: 10:30:42 12/08/2022

Description "The Vincent Brothers (The Vincent Boys #2)"

Prologue Ashton pulled herself up on our branch and sat down. Once upon a time, she’d needed me to give her a boost. Now, she didn’t need me for anything. I’d let her down in so many ways. I’d heard the term heartbreak before and never really understood it. Until now. Sitting here looking at her, my chest literally hurt. Taking a deep breath had become difficult since the day I’d walked outside the church and saw her with Beau. I’d known. I’d wanted her to tell me anything to prove me wrong. Still, deep down, I’d known. Ashton was no longer mine. “Impressive. You made it look easy,” I said loud enough so she could hear me. She’d texted me to tell me she was out here. I’d come down here to think hours ago. This was where it all started. It was fitting that it ended here too. Ashton’s expression was slightly confused. I loved that look. It was adorable. “I was already here when you sent the text,” I explained and a small smile touched her lips. “Oh,” she replied. “To what do I owe this visit?” I already had a good idea as to why she was here. I just wanted her to say it out loud. It was time we cleared the air for good. Standing up, I made my way over to where she sat on the