The Widowers Two-Step (Tres Navarre #2)

The Widowers Two-Step (Tres Navarre #2)


Genres: Mystery

Status: Full

Updated date: 07:03:42 11/08/2022

Description "The Widowers Two-Step (Tres Navarre #2)"

So hold on, little darlin', 'cause the music is stern, Twirl 'round the cradle 'til your soul starts to burn, And don't say the next dance we won't get a turn 'Cause the Widower's TwoStep is a hard one to learn. —"THE WIDOWER'S TWO STEP," Brent & Miranda Daniels 1 "Could you please tell your kid to be quiet?" The guy standing in front of my park bench looked like he'd stepped off a Fleetwood Mac album cover, circa 1976. He had that Lindsey Buckingham funhousemirror kind of body—unnaturally tall, bulbous in the wrong places. He had the 'Fro and the beard and the loosefitting black martial arts pyjamas that just screamed mod. He was also blocking my camera angle on the blue '68 Cougar across San Pedro Park, eighty yards away. "Well?" Lindsey wiped his forehead. He'd walked over from his tai chi group and sounded out of breath, like he'd been working the moves too hard. I checked my watch. If the lady in the Cougar was going to meet somebody, it should've happened by now. I looked at the tai chi guy. "What kid?" A few feet to my left, Jem made another pass on the swing set, strafing Lindsey Buckingham's students as he came down. He made airplane sounds at the top of his lungs, which was