Their Virgins Secret (Masters of M�nage #2)

Their Virgins Secret (Masters of M�nage #2)


Genres: Romance

Status: Full

Updated date: 06:10:23 11/08/2022

Description "Their Virgins Secret (Masters of M�nage #2)"

CHAPTER ONE Present Day – Virginia Burke Lennox stood outside the two story house, his eyes narrowed in study. The gorgeous Victorian practically glowed, a warm welcoming sight in contrast to the frigid wonderland surrounding it. It was a huge damn disparity to the distress signal they’d received earlier. Right now, everything about this place looked perfect and cheerful. Beautiful—a lot like the woman who lived here. Looks, Burke had learned over the years, could be very deceiving. “She’s still not answering her phone.” His brother’s voice cracked harshly through the chilled air as he tucked his phone in his pocket. Cole was bone-deep tired. Burke could feel the weariness coming off his brother in waves. He was certain he reflected the same back, and that Cole felt it, too. Their mother had termed their odd, silent communication “Wonder Twins” powers. Burke didn’t need to ask Cole how he felt. He simply knew. And they shared other feelings tonight. Desperation. Edginess. They both shook a little like an addict who’d been on the wagon for a long time and realized that he might just get one more coveted taste. No doubt about it, they were both addicted to Jessa Wade. “Should we knock?” Cole asked, sounding more uncertain than Burke could ever remember. Cole was the darker one. He usually plowed through any given