Thin Air (Weather Warden #6)

Thin Air (Weather Warden #6)


Genres: FantasyScience Fiction

Status: Full

Updated date: 05:19:58 11/08/2022

Description "Thin Air (Weather Warden #6)"

PREVIOUSLY... I was lying on something cold and wet, and I was naked and shivering. Afraid. Something was very, very wrong with me. I reflexively curled in on myself, protecting as much of my body as I could, as awareness of the world washed over me in hot, pulsing waves. Biting, frigid wind. Ice-cold sleet trailing languid fingers over my bare skin. I forced my eyes open and saw my arm lying on the ground in front of me, hand outstretched, and my skin was a pallid, blue-tinged white, red at the fingertips. Frostbite. I ached all over, so fiercely that I felt tears well up in my eyes. And I felt empty, cored and thrown out like an old orange peel. I forced myself to look beyond my own hand and saw that I was lying in a mound of cold, slimy leaf litter. Overhead, bare trees swayed and scratched the sky, and what little could be seen between the skeletal branches was gray, flocked with low clouds. The air tasted thin in my mouth. I tried to think where I was, how I'd gotten here, but it was a blank. Worse, it terrified me to even try to think of it. I shuddered with more than the cold, gasping, and squeezed my eyes shut again. Get up, I told myself. Up. I'd die if I