To Tempt the Wolf (Heart of the Wolf #3)

To Tempt the Wolf (Heart of the Wolf #3)


Genres: FantasyRomance

Status: Full

Updated date: 00:44:38 10/08/2022

Description "To Tempt the Wolf (Heart of the Wolf #3)"

Chapter 1 SUCKING UP OXYGEN, THE FLAMES SPREAD OUTWARD, devouring thirsty timber and underbrush, perfect fuel for the firestorm. The winds picked up force, and Tessa Anderson’s adrenaline surged again as she snapped the last of the photos for the magazine. The summer drought had continued on through the fall and winter, leaving the California forests desert-dry, and now either a careless camper or an arsonist had turned the woods into a fiery inferno. What in the world was she doing risking her life to photograph this disaster? Coughing, her eyes filled with smoke, she reminded herself she needed the money to help defend her brother. Then in the haze, the silhouette of a wolf appeared—gray, like the smoke, a phantom. watching her. stalking her? Wild animals knew better than to linger with danger threatening. Only a human would be dumb enough to stay put. His uncharacteristic actions made her back toward her vehicle. Having been fascinated with wolves all her life, she knew his behavior wasn’t natural. A tremor stole up her spine. He looked just like one she’d seen before. The one who’d attacked before. Snapping a picture of the wolf, she bumped against the passenger’s side of her Escort. As soon as she fumbled for the door handle, he crouched, readying to spring like a coiled snake. Heart thundering, she jerked her door open