Trust in Me (Wait for You #1.5)

Trust in Me (Wait for You #1.5)


Genres: Young AdultRomance

Status: Full

Updated date: 09:53:41 12/08/2022

Description "Trust in Me (Wait for You #1.5)"

One Jase Winstead was a cruel motherfucker. Going to Ass-tronomy 101 was the last thing I wanted to be doing at nine in the damn morning, especially since all the class did was remind me of the first time I entered Professor Drage’s class and why I’d made a hasty, unplanned exit my freshman year. And I really didn’t need Jase’s taunting text messages about why scheduling classes before noon was unhealthy. Considering I was going on—oh, I don’t know, two hours of sleep—and I could still taste the tequila and other things I really didn’t want to even think about from last night, I was currently a walking poster child for how not to have a healthy and happy first day of fall classes. I watched the door to astronomy swing shut and then glanced back down at my phone. Jase’s text mocked me. Skip. I have beer. X-Box. FIFA ’13 Well, shit. That was hella tempting. Ollie had trashed our Xbox the weekend before, during a brutal showdown of Call of Duty. I was a few minutes late for class. Astronomy, or soccer on the Box? Not really a tough call. Mind made up, I pivoted around and started to respond back to Jase when the double doors flung open like a tornado had ripped through the stairwell. My