Turned Chapter One (The Vampire Journals #1)

Turned Chapter One (The Vampire Journals #1)


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Updated date: 08:26:18 11/08/2022

Description "Turned Chapter One (The Vampire Journals #1)"

"Is it physical To walk unbraced and suck up the humors Of the dank morning? What, is Brutus sick, And will he steal out of his wholesome bed To dare the vile contagion of the night?" --William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar Chapter One Caitlin Paine always dreaded her first day at a new school. There were the big things, like meeting new friends, the new teachers, learning new hallways. And there were the small things, like getting a new locker, the smell of a new place, the sounds it made. More than anything, she dreaded the stares. She felt that everyone in a new place always stared at her. All she wanted was anonymity. But it never seemed meant to be. Caitlin couldn't understand why she was so conspicuous. At five foot five she wasn't especially tall, and with her brown hair and brown eyes (and normal weight) she felt she was average. Certainly not beautiful, like some of the other girls. At 18, she was a bit older, but not enough to make her stand out. There was something else. There was something about her that made people look twice. She knew, deep down, that she was different. But she wasn't exactly sure how. If there was anything worse than a first day, it was starting in mid-term, after everyone else already had time to bond. Today, this first day, in mid-March, was going to be one of the