Two For Tanner (Evan Tanner #4)

Two For Tanner (Evan Tanner #4)


Genres: MysteryAdventure

Status: Full

Updated date: 06:38:24 12/08/2022

Description "Two For Tanner (Evan Tanner #4)"

Chapter 1 It wasn’t a cell exactly. Not in the usual sense of the word. When one speaks of a prison cell, one implies rather a sort of room in a sort of building, with perhaps a barred door and window. A stone or cement floor. A cot, a dangling light bulb, a pot of some sort in which various bodily functions may be performed. I had been in such a cell once, in Istanbul. I hadn’t liked it much, but at least it was a genuine and proper prison cell. Not like my current home. Not like this idiot contrivance in which I was presently trapped, a rude box eight feet square and four feet high, constructed entirely of bamboo, and suspended from the limb of a tall tree, with its bottom about five feet from the ground. You couldn’t call it a cell, then. What you could call it, if you were inclined to call it anything, was a large birdcage. And it was the only sort of birdcage to be found for miles around. Birds are not caged in dense teak forests far in the north of Thailand. There are plenty of birds to be found, bright of plumage and swift of flight and shrill of voice, screeching hellishly in the tops of tall trees. Such birds are not overly fond of captivity. But, then, neither was I.