Undead and Undermined Prologue (Undead #10)

Undead and Undermined Prologue (Undead #10)


Genres: FantasyRomance

Status: Full

Updated date: 23:59:44 09/08/2022

Description "Undead and Undermined Prologue (Undead #10)"

When the awful racket started up, when the coroner got ready to open my skull with what I later found out was a Stryker autopsy saw, I was fine with it. No, more than that . . . it seemed like a really, really good idea. Not just a good idea for me. It would be great for everyone involved. And if you took the long view, it would be good for humanity. Because I'd had enough. Case closed, everybody out of the pool, time to shut off the lights and lock up, hit the trail, shake a leg, beat feet, get gone, get out. I was out. How sucky was it that I knew, knew the one thing worse than waking up on an embalming table was waking up inside a body bag? I did not ever want to know that. No one should know that. Oh, and while we're compiling a list of things no one should know? No one should know that they grow up-grow old, anyway-to torture their friends. That they either brought about (or didn't bother to prevent) a scary-ass nuclear winter apocalyptic event resulting in the very real possibility of freezing to death on the Fourth of July. No one should know that, on the off chance they turn into an ancient evil vampire crone, they forget all sense of fun and, worse, fashion. Gray dresses! What the fuck? So even though the buzzing whine of the