Undead and Unemployed Prologue (Undead #2)

Undead and Unemployed Prologue (Undead #2)


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Description "Undead and Unemployed Prologue (Undead #2)"

Police interview of Robert Harris. June 30, 2004 55121 02:32:55-03:45:32 a.m. Filed by Detective Nicholas J. Berry Fourth Precinct, Minneapolis, Minnesota After being treated at the scene, Mr. Harris denied the offer of hospital care, and consented to accompany the responding officers, Whritnour and Watkins, to the precinct for an interview. The interview was conducted by Minneapolis Detective Nicholas J. Berry. Robert Harris is a fifty-two-year-old Caucasian male who works for Bright Yellow Cab as a taxi driver. Mr. Harris was on duty during the events transcribed below. Mr. Harris has passed a breathalyzer; labs are pending on possible drug use. DETECTIVE BERRY: Are we ready? Is the tape... okay. Would you like something to drink? Coffee? Before we start? ROBERT HARRIS: No thanks. If I have coffee this late, it'll keep me up. Plus, y'know, with my prostate, it's just asking for trouble. DB: Can we discuss the events of this evening? RH: Sure. You wanna talk about the Twins getting their asses kicked, or why I was dumb enough to take a job where I haveta sit all the time? Goddamned hemorrhoids. DB: The events- RH: Sure, you wanna know what I meant by that story I told those fellows, the ones who took care of me.