Undead and Unreturnable Prologue (Undead #4)

Undead and Unreturnable Prologue (Undead #4)


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Description "Undead and Unreturnable Prologue (Undead #4)"

From theSt. Paul Pioneer Press December 15, 2005 THIRD WOMAN FOUND SLAIN. Minneapolis, Minnesota. The body of an Edina resident was found this morning at approximately six-thirty A.M. Cathie Robinson, 26, was found in the parking lot of the Lake Street Wal-Mart. Forensics show that she had been strangled. She had been reported missing on December 13. She is believed to be the third victim of the so-called Driveway Killer, who has so far claimed at least three local victims. Detective Nick Berry, who has been working with the FBI since the second victim, Martha Lundquist, was found on November 23, said the investigation is pursuing several leads. "This is our top priority," Berry said. "Nothing else even comes close." Ms. Lundquist was reported missing on November 8, and her body was found in the parking lot of a White Bear Lake Target store on November 10. The FBI has profiled the killer, who appears to be choosing tall blond women with light-colored eyes and short hair. Although an arrest is "imminent," Berry warns Minneapolis women to use caution when leaving their places of business. It is believed that the Driveway Killer has also struck in Iowa, Missouri, and Arkansas. The FBI and local police believe that the first local victim was Katie Johnson, 27, who was reported missing on October 28 and whose body was found on November 4 in the parking lot of the Lakeville McStop. From the