Under a Vampire Moon Prologue (Argeneau #16)

Under a Vampire Moon Prologue (Argeneau #16)


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Description "Under a Vampire Moon Prologue (Argeneau #16)"

"I don't see any tables," Carolyn said, glancing over the busy open-air restaurant. "We can sit at the bar," her friend, Bethany, said with a shrug. When Carolyn frowned, she rolled her eyes, and caught her arm to drag her toward the bar, adding, "We'll move to a table as soon as one opens up. Besides, we're only going to be here until Genie arrives and our table is ready next door anyway." "Right," Carolyn breathed and slid onto the stool Bethany directed her to. She then glanced over her shoulder self-consciously, her gaze skittering over the young, laughing crowd surrounding them. Despite the setting sun, it was still hot and most of the patrons were dressed casually in shorts and summer dresses. This was the more casual restaurant at the resort with bare wooden tables crowded onto the railed deck, and Caribbean music barely covering the sound of talk and laughter. In comparison, the indoor restaurant next door, where she, Bethany and Genie were to eat was a four star affair with proper tables, table cloths, silverware, candle light and four star prices. They'd dressed accordingly which left Carolyn feeling a little like they stuck out like sore thumbs amongst this more relaxed crowd. That wasn't the only thing making her uncomfortable, however. It was the clientele here, as well. Most of the people seemed to be half their age, though there were some older