Unexpected Treasure (Billionaire Bachelors #8)

Unexpected Treasure (Billionaire Bachelors #8)


Genres: Romance

Status: Full

Updated date: 12:05:07 12/08/2022

Description "Unexpected Treasure (Billionaire Bachelors #8)"

Prologue “I can’t believe the way the grandchildren are growing like weeds. Little Jasmine is already fifteen, and boy, is she a beauty,” Joseph said. Sitting on the back deck with the morning sun streaming down upon them, Joseph and his brother George were enjoying light breakfast pastries and coffee while catching up on news about the kids and their week. “I know, Brother. Little Molly is ten years old now. It feels like it was only yesterday that Trenton was fighting tooth and nail not to get married and settle down, and now he and Jennifer have a beautiful family with two kids. Not to mention their rowdy dog, Scooter, and feisty cat, Ginger.” “Don’t forget that dang goose. Last time I was there, the rascal got me right in the tush. I need to take my hunting rifle with me the next time that I visit,” Joseph threatened. “If you’d just bring him some cracked corn like I do, he wouldn’t chase after you,” George said, not even attempting to hide his amusement. “I’m not bribing a damn bird, and I’m certainly not running from one!” “Ah, simmer down, Brother. I have a feeling the goose won’t be the end of you — it’s not as if you have a fundamental problem here, and you haven’t hit bottom. So forget that cheeky critter and put