Warpaint (Apocalypsis #2)

Warpaint (Apocalypsis #2)


Genres: Young AdultScience Fiction

Status: Full

Updated date: 20:12:23 12/08/2022

Description "Warpaint (Apocalypsis #2)"

Chapter One I WOKE UP BEFORE THE sun, unable to ignore the high-pitched buzzing of the mosquitos near my ears anymore. Even in sleep, they managed to annoy me. I still had some bug repellent left, and I had sprayed it on generously just before drifting off; but that didn’t stop their hovering. The first thing I was going to do when I saw one of our indian hosts was ask how they managed to keep them away without the store-bought stuff. The bottle I had wasn’t going to last forever, and living in the Everglades where the mosquitoes outnumbered the humans about eighty billion to one, made the idea of going bare … unbearable. I couldn’t deal with the idea of having escaped the teenage cannibals that were running around in my old neighborhood, only to die from an overdose of mosquito toxin here. I looked down at the arm that had flung itself across my lap. Bodo. My hot German friend who might actually be my boyfriend now. I still wasn’t exactly sure what our relationship was. Last night he kissed me. It had only lasted a moment and didn’t go any further than that, but he’d dropped a lot of hints when we were traveling from central Florida to the Everglades, about maybe us being together someday. Together together. I’d had boyfriends before, but nothing that ended up getting serious or that made me feel more