Weekends Required (Danvers #1)

Weekends Required (Danvers #1)


Genres: Romance

Status: Full

Updated date: 10:44:43 11/08/2022

Description "Weekends Required (Danvers #1)"

Chapter One “Holy smoking buns, a butt like his should be illegal.” Claire looked up in time to see the object of her co-worker and best friend’s admiration walk past their table in the cafeteria. Jason Danvers did truly have a butt to admire. At well over 6 feet tall with dark-brown hair that tended to curl up at the end, compelling ice-blue eyes that looked right through you and a rugged and tanned athletic build, Jason Danvers was very hard to ignore. His presence always seemed to dominate a room. His every movement impatient, Jason never seemed to relax. Every lady in the cafeteria was craning their head to get a better look. “Suzy, keep it down before Mr. Smoking Buns hears you.” “Oh Paleeeeze Claire, don’t tell me the drool isn’t pooling in your mouth as we speak.” “Suz, you’re too much, what’s Jeff going to do with you?” “Well I don’t know what Jeff has in mind, but I got thoughts of handcuffs and whipped cream myself.” Claire had met Suzy on her first day at Danvers International, and it hadn’t taken long to form a bond with the outspoken, flashy and hopelessly sex-obsessed nympho. Suzy was what every little girl wanted to grow up to be, gorgeous and confident. With long dark-red hair, a tall slim build and curves in all the right places, Suzy loved