Wild Cards (Wild Cards #1)

Wild Cards (Wild Cards #1)


Genres: Young AdultRomance

Status: Full

Updated date: 16:17:31 11/08/2022

Description "Wild Cards (Wild Cards #1)"

Chapter 1 Derek Getting caught wasn’t part of the plan. Pulling off a prank so epic that it’d be talked about for decades was. I’m standing with five of my friends in Headmaster Crowe’s office listening to him rant for the past hour about how our latest prank embarrassed not only him but the trustees and teachers of this “prestigious boarding school” as well. “Anyone want to fess up?” Crowe asks. Jack and Sam are freaking out. David, Jason, and Rich are trying to hold back their laughter. I’ve been called into the headmaster’s office more than a few times since I transferred here, so this is nothing new to me. During finals week at Regents Preparatory Academy in California, seniors pull a prank on juniors. It’s tradition. This year, the seniors managed to put blue dye in our showers and removed all the lightbulbs from the common areas of our dorm. It was only fair that we returned the favor, but on a bigger scale. The seniors had been waiting for us to raid their dorm, and you could tell they were on edge all week. They had lookouts posted at all hours, ready to defend their territory. My roommate, Jack, came up with the brilliant idea of greasing three baby pigs from his uncle’s farm and letting them run loose in the senior dorm. Sam said we should