With You (Tear Asunder #0.5)

With You (Tear Asunder #0.5)


Genres: Romance

Status: Full

Updated date: 21:02:10 12/08/2022

Description "With You (Tear Asunder #0.5)"

Chapter 1 “Holy Christ Eme, look at that popsicle. Now that’s Häagen-Dazs quality.” Kat stood beside me, mouth agape, eyes plastered on Sculpt who was currently pounding into his opponent, The Obliterator. “Damn, he’s totally fuckable. Like slam you against the wall fuckable.” She pinched my arm when I didn’t respond. “Oww.” I rubbed the spot where her fingers squeezed my skin. “You see those arms? I bet he could hold you up against the wall and fuck you without even huffing. Nix that, I want him huffing.” Sculpt was naked from the waist up, rippling muscles flexing with every punch. His long legs were agile and lean, able to move quickly compared to the other guy’s slower bulk. Kind of like a Hummer against a bulldozer. But, there was something about his eyes that had me watching him with breathless excitement mixed with a spritz of nervousness. They were dark, nearly black and piercing, as if he was looking right into his opponent and breaking him apart with his concentrated fearlessness. Shivers tap-danced across my heated skin, then a tweak of something hit my stomach. It felt like I was twirling in a field with my arms out and dandelion puffs were blowing all around me. A dizzying effect, yet beautiful and odd at the same time. “You sure you want to do this?” Kat’s voice